Abi of Big Dogs Pet Sitting is compassionate, reliable, and flexible. I highly recommend her to anyone in or close to the area of Landenberg, PA. She leaves cute little notes about each visit too. Love her  *AMBER M

Posted on April 6, 2016


Great service. Prompt, reliable and reasonably priced. They always let me know how the "children" are doing. Would highly recommend them.  * NANCY H​

Posted on March 28, 2016

Abi is an absolutely wonderful and responsible person, and is a fantastic pet mommy! She is clearly incredibly dedicated... to her animals and any who are in her care. She is an absolute professional, and I would feel 100% confident leaving any critters with her; she will always go the extra mile if it means better comfort, safety, and health of an animal. If anyone is looking for a pet sitter in the southern Chester County area, I highly recommend starting here!  * CAROLYN

Posted on Jan 31, 2016

The best dog sitter I have ever used!!!
There for me every time, always on time, great service. Excellent prices. My dog looks forward to every visit!  * ANTHONY
Posted on Feb 15, 2016

Abi is amazing with dogs and their owners. She really is the "dog whisperer" - energetic and capable, and truly loved our dog. Highly recommend!​ *DONNA
Posted on Jan 27, 2016

We happened to find Abi on FB on a world wide FB Great Dane group, before we asked her to pet sit we had a play date with her and our Great Dane! What a relief it is to trust that she can take care of our 2 Great Danes when we are at work for long hours! She is awesome with our Luna, who doesn't care for everyone! Luna LOVES Abi! And so does Kronos! Thanks Abi! You are the best!  * LORI F

Posted on March 26, 2016

Wow, where do I start. Abi Durrant started working as my family practice office manager, and was a rock star for 6 years, until she moved. Professional, punctual, personal, energetic, trustworthy, accountable, and with great common sense, with a bedside manner to match.
Abi has always been extremely pet friendly and enthusiastic about her own families rescue dogs. She regularly volunteered with our local SPCA, and fostered several less desirable larger dogs as well. So, I started bringing our family dog, Max, to the office when our youngest left for college.  Max, a large breed 90 pound, ¾ standard poodle ¼ golden retriever, was our office mascot. He decided to sit under Abi’s desk at her feet every day, all day. 
A few months later, she offered to take him home to hang out with her dogs when our family took a vacation. Prior, any time we kenneled him, on our return, he would be hoarse and have hot spots from anxious licking of a paw. This all resolved, in fact, every day when Abi left the office, it was hard to keep Max from trying to sneak out with her. 
Max passed away last year at the ripe old age of 14. Abi came to our house and loaded him into the car, no small feat, as I have a bad hip. Her love for him was obvious.  She obtained a new Great Dane puppy, Pepe, who took over as the office mascot. He grew from a bread box sized cuddle toy, to a horse sized adult male in the past year. All the time, under her watchful eye, and skillful and creative distraction, he never had a biologic mistake, chewed any furniture, nor frightened any patients (not a small task for such a huge dog). 
Abi has a fantastic instinct for working and training dogs. She has the physical attributes, from years of high level training, to care for large breed dogs with ease.  She is a great asset to anyone who wants the very best of professional and compassionate care, for their canine family members.  

Posted om Jan 29, 2016

Abi has always been a go-to person for me when I needed someone to watch my doggies. We've swapped doggie care for years. She has bully breed experience too, and know how to read behavior signs from the dogs. Not only that, I'd get fantastic updates (even photos sometimes!), and the confidence and assurance I need to have when someone else is caring for my dogs. I can't leave their care with just anyone!   *KAREN
Posted on Jan 27 2016